Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not Much To Say

The other day, a guy I work with mentioned  that I should get out and hike more.  Tell me about it!  I had plans to go out and explore another area that I've been eyeing for a while but life got in the way.  My lovely wife needed my help so I took a family trip up to Anza that left little time for hiking.  It was nice to spend a Saturday with family.  Now if I could only get them to go hiking with me it'd be perfect.

I have been going out on little hikes around my house with my dog but nobody really wants to hear about that.  I know I'm not interested in writing about it.  I do have some interesting spots on the agenda and all I need to find is the time.  I hope I can get to at least one this week.  Even though I hiked every day for a year in 2009 I believe there are still some trails in the area that out there yet to be discovered.  There have to be.

The running hasn't happened yet but I've thrown in some exercises to help strengthen my core and I'm getting myself mentally ready for a couple big hikes coming up, including a 35 mile section of the PCT.  Now if I can only tell the rest of life to leave me alone for a while.  I've got hiking to do.

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