Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I May Start Running

I'll lost more weight in the past couple weeks but not at a very quick rate.  I figure I need to up the ante and start doing a little running on the side.  I've always enjoyed running and have actually run a marathon and several half marathons but I've gotten away from it in recent years.  I just have to remember to start SLOW.  I don't want to get injured.   At my age--and weight--it would be all too easy to pull a hamstring, or get shin splints, turn an ankle, tweak my knee, have a coronary...

One month and almost 14 pounds down.

Monday I had this thorn in my side removed.  This is part of the Agave I fell into.  There are still a few spines still in there but they'll just have to work their way out on their own.  This was the big boy.

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  1. I cant believe that point that came out of you! And there are more? After you fell I thought, "I hope that agave was dull to begin with" but now that explains why the tips were missing on half the plant. All in the name of luggauge.