Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Mine Sites Near Garner Valley

Sometimes life interferes with hiking.  That happened Saturday.  I had big plans for this weekend but none of them came to fruition.  My plans consisted of doing some hiking and exploring in the southern Santa Rosas Mountains; I was so looking forward to it.  Then, the phone rang.  My wife's father was being taken by ambulance to the hospital because he was unable to breathe.  Naturally, my wife went to the hospital to see how her father was and I stayed home to watch the kids.  So much for going hiking today.  

Thankfully, my father-in-law is OK and was released from the hospital.  This morning, I drove him back home.  While I was up by his house I decided to go for a little hike near Garner Valley.

It was a tad cooler up here than down in the desert.  I brought a down vest but I wore shorts and I wonder if it'll be enough.

I come upon snow on the ground and now I really wonder.

I come to the first old homestead and I wonder why they just left all this stuff here.

It wasn't really that long ago.

Although this vehicle has been here a while.

I could probably use this shed to house my teenage son.

I head up a hill because I see what I think looks like a TV antenna.  Looks like it's just an agave stalk.

Oh wait.  What's this?

Now why on earth would someone put a TV antenna way out here in the middle of nowhere?  What kind of channels could you possibly get?

A little more hiking around brings me to this old foundation.  I've been here before.  There's a little mine not far from here but I don't go up to it.  I've got something else I'm looking for today. 

On the map it shows there's another mine but I had no idea I'd find this cabin.


It's NICE.  Of course, I'd have to change the name to Summer's Shack but it has incredible curb appeal.

Plus, it's well appointed with Designer Furnishings.

There's a well-stocked pantry.

I love this awesome outside deck although I think the sofa probably needs to be re-upholstered .

And who doesn't love a wonderful bathroom with a view?

And how about these his and her commodes? I wonder if I can persuade my wife to move up here with me.  I love this place.

I find the mine.

But don't dare venture into it since it's a vertical shaft and I don't have a rope.  I have to come back here.  As I was looking around, I ran into three very nice young ladies who were also out hiking.  They live in Garner Valley and were not as concerned with the cold weather as I was.  They were wearing sandals.


  1. Hal, where is this in Garner Valley? I board my horses up in Anza and my cousin lives off Devil's Ladder up there...I didn't make it up to Anza this weekend...just too many chores at home!

  2. Oh, hey! Where is this road in GV? We used to own 5 acres up there!!!