Friday, January 7, 2011

The North End of the North Lykken

I went out yesterday to see if there was a way to access the north end of the North Lykken Trail in Palm Springs.  Well, there is.  Sorta.

I drive around the Little Tuscany area of Palm Springs until I find an area where I can set off into the desert.  It looks rather appealing but I quickly realize that it's going in the wrong direction.

After a bit more driving I find another area that allows me to set off toward my destination.  There are a few use trails here but nothing consolidated.  It would be nice if they could find a way to have one trail so people could have access here.

Maybe this is the reason there's not one trail.  There's a fence.  It looks like it ends, though, so I guess that's the end of where they want to keep you out.  One strange thing out here is the prevalence of No Trespassing signs in a number of popular hiking areas.  Almost all the trails in La Quinta have them as well as some in Palm Desert.  I don't know if it's a liability thing for the Water Districts but it seems odd to have a trail through the mountains and then have no way to get to it.

I could climb straight up this hill full of rocks and vegetation but I didn't wear long pants today and I don't want to flay my legs when there's an alternative.

I make it around the fence and come to this nice, well-marked hiking trail.  This is the very first trail I've ever been on where old, rusty can make up part of the trail.  Very ingenious.

At the base of the mountain I come upon a well-defined and steep trail that will lead me up to the North Lykken Trail.  It makes me wonder if this was an original Indian Trail that heads further up the mountain or it's just a use trail from locals going up to the main trail.  I don't have time to investigate today but I will have to come back--and wear long pants when I do.

I get up to the main trail in no time

There is a tremendous view from up here.  It really doesn't make much sense to have this flood basin fenced off from the public.  It seems like such a waste of space.  I know they need it to catch floodwaters but how often does that happen in the desert.  The city should turn it into some kind of nature park with hiking and mountain biking access and just close it down when it rains.

I head south  on the trail over toward Tachevah Falls, aka, Dry Falls.  There's a bit of water coming down and I've always wondered what lies in the canyon above the falls.  That'll have to be another adventure.  I've got to go and pick up kids at school.

I just have to figure out a way to get out of here.

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  1. I love it when I can get out and just explore! And I hate it when I'm not prepared to go where I want to. I feel your pain...thanks for sharing!