Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I guess it's time to call an end to this experiment.  It's months later and my back still hurts.  I've kept hoping, foolishly, that my back issue would resolve itself but it hasn't and I'm going to finally head to the doctor.  I figure six months of suffering is enough.  Why did I know go earlier?  I don't know.   Fear, stubbornness, time constraints all conspired against me to cause me to delay getting proper care.  There was probably a dose of unrealistic optimism in there, too.   I just kept hoping it'd just go away.  But it didn't and I'm at the end of my patience with my weak flesh.

I'll let you know how the check-up goes.  I've got a list of minor maladies for the doctor to check on while I'm there.  Might as well get everything fixed at once.  With a new year coming on, who knows what I'll come up with the try and challenge myself.  I've got a bit less than two months to get better. 


  1. Hal, I'm sorry to hear that. I fell off a friend's horse in August, 2009 and I now have permanent nerve damage in my back (L4 and L5) and sciatic nerve damage. My balance isn't what it used to be and my legs tingle constantly. I did go in for physical therapy and chiro treatments...but, frankly, TIME healed it better than either one of those two. I feel your pain. Really. It's NOT fun...been there. Good luck with your progress.
    Cheryl Ann, Palm Desert

  2. I think getting some exercises from a good physical therapist would do you a world of good. It sure helps when my sciatica flares up. Now, if I just did those exercises all the time, instead of slacking when the back feels better, I might be a whole lot better off. Good luck.

  3. Dear Hal, I surely appreciate it all you have brought here. I hope you can see the accomplishments, your achievements and insights, and in turn a future might not be so clear from now.

    A major injury led me to much introspection. During some restful times I delved inward and learned to become more selective in the beliefs I hold. I count more beliefs that serve me today and feel grateful for the sedentary states that led me inward, as painful as they seemed and seem. I am a better version of me.

    Hearts up! AC