Saturday, December 18, 2010

Searching For Something

I figure there has to be a trail from South Palm Desert up to Pinyon Flat.  I just don't know where it is.  I'd heard of a trail up Seven Level Hill (now covered by Highway 74) and this seems feasible but I think there may be something else.  I park at the Art Smith Trailhead and start hiking toward Dead Indian Canyon.  It doesn't take me long until I find some promising.  

I've hiked by this hill a thousand times and never bothered to look at it too closely but hiding behind a bush is what appears to be a trail.

Further up the ridge, the trail becomes even more apparent.  It then comes upon a section where somebody actually bulldozed a road of some sort but I try to stay on the trail as much as possible.

I lose it as the ridge starts to flatten out and go through this potential Cholla minefield.

I come upon a spot where someone did some exploratory digging.

Or maybe they were leveling out a foundation for a cabin.  It certainly offers a nice view.

Not too far from the cabin foundation I find a campsite.

Too bad I didn't bring any hamburgers and hot dogs.

I drop into Grapevine Canyon, which is below the campsite and find something I haven't seen since I got up on the ridge, footprints.  

The Indians would not have used this wash as a way to travel.  They generally traveled outside these places so their trails would not wash out but it's still fun for me to explore so I'll see what I can find.

I find a Palm Tree, which means there is subsurface water here.

There is also a far amount of mesquite.  Another sign of water and something Indians would have been aware of due to it being one of their food staples.  I think I'll just hop out of the wash here and see if I can find sign of a trail.

I don't have any luck finding a trail but I do find another area of digging.  What on earth was someone doing up here?

Whatever they were doing they, they had enough spare to time build this shrine.  I guess they didn't find much worth that was worth anything.

Or maybe they left because they didn't like the Cholla.

Down a little lower I find another dig and this one is the largest I've found.  But why would someone come up here, do all this digging and then leave?

Maybe they ran out of beverages.


  1. Hal, I keep seeing a trail right off highway 74, on my way down. It's about 7/8 of the way down, but before the big turnout where there is a yellow phone (it's that BIG turnout where it goes from 1 lane to 2 lanes up 74...) On your way down, it is on the passenger side. It looks like an old trail. Do you know anything about that? I can never take pics because with the centrifical force, and cars behind me, I can't stop!

  2. I've seen it, too. I've never gotten out and checked it out either but maybe it's time to do that.

  3. How far up Deep Canyon can you go ? All the way up towards the Horsethief creek canyon area ? I really like the area that you were in, I have found pottery and other signs up there. But I have NEVER dug.