Thursday, November 25, 2010

Preparing For My Next Adventure

Since my next adventure--getting into shape-- doesn't start until next year, I am getting my mind and body ready.  Since I know weight loss will not come without a commitment to eat better I am going to spend the rest of the year eating whatever I want.  No diet for me--at least until the next year-- and it's a good thing, too, because who the hell wants to diet during the holidays?  Not this chubby hubby.

I have some experience with this because I lost weight a few years ago but got lazy and gained it all back plus a few extra lbs.  OK, about twenty extra pounds.

In addition to a healthier diet, I'll be doing more hiking, maybe some yoga, running, exercises.  One thing I will not being is going to the gym.  I cannot think of anything more mind numbing than spending hours in the gym.  Not only is the gym experience boring, the gym conversations are boring, the outfits are boring, the classes, you guessed it, boring.  

Every week or so,  I'll be updating my progress including my weight, pictures and plans.  Every time I do a notable hike I'll be sure to post that.

Right now, though, I've gotta get back to what I was doing: eating.

Happy Thanksgiving.  

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